Euphoria longana: Another Anxiolytic Herb

weight lossEuphoria longana is a plant belonging to the Sapindaceae family of plants. The tree produces a fruit called the longan fruit. The pulp from this fruit is used as a general tonic for the treatment of a number of conditional including amnesia, insomnia and anxiety. Evidence suggests that within the pulp of the fruit, the chemical adenosine may be one of the active principles. Mice administered adenosine extracted from the pulp of the fruit exhibited significantly lowered anxiety levels, although other chemicals within the fruit did not have this effect. Therefore the authors concluded that adenosine was likely responsible for the central nervous system effects. However, a number of phenolic compounds have also been identified within the fruit of Euphoria longana including gallic acid, corilagin (an ellagitannin), and ellagic acid. In one study, from the fruit, the seed contained the highest amount of phenolic compounds. Polyphenolic compounds have also been shown to reduce anxiety levels in humans and animals.

Euphoria longana anxiety depression

Euphoria longana is a plant that produces a fruit called a longan fruit. This is similar in appearance to a lychee. The fruit may possess anxiolytic effects because it contains adenosine. Caffeine is an adenosine receptor antagonist, and the interaction of caffeine with the adenosine receptor may explain the anxiolytic effects of caffeine seen in some individuals at certain doses.

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