Doxycycline and suicide

weight lossDoxycycline is an antibiotic often used to treat acne and respiratory tract infections. Side effects from the drug are known to include hepatotoxicity, pancreatitis, blood disorders, photosensitivity, hypersensitivity reactions, headache and visual disturbances. A number of medical case studies have been performed on young subjects who were treated for various skin disorders with doxycycline. However, this treatment subsequently caused suicidal feelings within the individuals. Further investigation revealed that the siblings of one of the individuals in the case study had also developed severe anxiety when being treated with doxycycline. These mood disorders all resolved themselves after removal of the doxycycline treatment suggesting that the drug had reversibly disrupted the brain chemistry of the individuals. The authors of the research paper that reported these findings, suggest that a genetic susceptibility to doxycycline may be present in certain individuals, such that these individual are not able to properly metabolise and excrete the drug because they have a defect in the relevant cytochrome metabolising enzyme.

antibiotics suicide

The perception that antibiotics are safe is not true. In fact antibiotics used in medical treatment of humans can cause significant disruption to the delicate metabolism of the individual, including disruption to neurochemistry. This may relate to the ability of antibiotics to eliminate healthy bacteria in the gut. The gut bacteria are required for correct metabolic regulation, and by destroying them, the metabolism of the individual is seriously compromised. Natural antibiotics such as those found in garlic should be considered where serious infection is not present. Most upper respiratory tract infections and skin disorders can be treated in this way.

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