Don’t Be Fooled By Clever Marketing

Nutrition is a complex subject and can appear confusing to the untrained. However, the central pillar of nutrition is that for food to be nutritious, it should be unrefined and in its original plant or animal form. Manufacturers of processed foods can take this unrefined food and process it so that taste is improved at the expense of nutritional value. Such processed food, when consumed regularly, can lead to ill health and can be a major cause of disease. Junk food that result from processing is often marketed as healthy using marketing tricks that make the food appear healthy. For example, junk food can use ingredients that have come from organic sources. This does not mean the food is any healthier than the same food that has come from conventional sources, as the ingredients are still highly processed. Organic crisps are in reality no more healthy than regular scrisps. But marketing the crisps as organic may persuade some that the product is of higher quality. However, the best way to remain healthy is to avoid any processed foods. 

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About Robert Barrington

Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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