Dandelion for Liver Health

Insulin resistance is a condition that is thought to develop as a result of poor diet. In particular, refined carbohydrates are able to overload the liver with energy, and this causes the production of high amounts of triglycerides. These triglycerides accumulate in tissue including the liver, where they interfere with metabolic regulation. The metabolic dysfunction associated with insulin resistance is called the metabolic syndrome. When fatty acids accumulate in the liver they can lead to damage, and this is termed non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome. A number of herbs have been shown to benefit this condition and support liver health. Dandelion (Taxacum official) is one such liver protective herb. For example, in one study researchers administered dandelion leaf extract to mice whose diet had been manipulated to cause fatty liver accumulation. The dandelion leaf extract was significantly effective at reducing the hepatic accumulation of fatty acids, suggesting that it may have potent liver protective effects. The researchers noted that protection by dandelion may have come through changes to cellular regulation pathways.

dandelion liver

As well as preventing the accumulation of fatty acids in the liver, dandelion leaf extract may also dramatically suppress triglyceride and cholesterol blood levels, lower circulating insulin, lower fasting glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

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