Dacryodes edulis: Mood Elevating Plant

Dacryodes edulis is an evergreen tree that is native to parts of West Africa. The tree is sometimes called the African pear, the bush pear or the bush butter tree. Dacryodes edulis is rich in antioxidants and may have effects on the central nervous system which make it therapeutically useful. For example, in one study researchers administered Dacryodes edulis pulp to mice and they were then exposed to a series of experimental stressors designed to induce mood changes in the animals. The results of the study showed that the Dacryodes edulis was significantly able to attenuate the negative effects of the experimental stress, and in particular reduced the anxious behaviour of the mice compared to controls. The researchers also observed that the Dacryodes edulis pulp extract was able to confer significant antioxidant protection on the mice as evidenced by an upregulation of antioxidant enzyme activity, as well as a significant reduction in oxidative damage in the tissues of the mice. 

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Miguel, L. M., N’jilo, D. G. and Bolanga, R. B. 2020. Effect of Dacryodes Edulis Pulp Oil Treatment on Restraint Stress-Induced Behavioral and Biochemical Alterations in Mice. International Journal of Health Sciences and Research. 10(1): 127-134

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