Cod Liver Oil As A Food Supplement

Cod liver oil is the oil from the livers of the cold water fish species referred to colloquially as cod. Cod liver oils is a totally unique food that is often taken as a supplement for various reasons. Many studies show the anti-inflammatory effects of cod liver oil and it is for this reason that the oil is often taken by those with joint pain such as arthritis. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D and vitamin A and is often supplemented with vitamin E in order to protect the delicate long chain fatty acids. These fatty acids include eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, two long chain fatty acids that feed into the essential fatty acid pathway in humans and here have significant effects against inflammation. Evidence also shows that docosahexaenoic acid also has particular nervous system activity and is necessary for correct brain functions. Taking cod liver oil as part of a healthy diet has been evidenced to improve health and cod liver oil could be considered a superfood because of the benefits it provides. 

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