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Sweeteners Sweeteners Everywhere

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Artificial Sweeteners Appearing Everywhere

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Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Artificially sweetened soft drink have become popular because of concerns over the association between sugar sweetened soft drinks and obesity. In response to these concerns, manufacturers have created a range of diet drinks that contain a number of artificial sweeteners, … Continue reading

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Why Do Low Fat Foods Taste Good?

ow fat foods have become popular in recent decades because of the erroneous believe that dietary fat causes obesity and leads to cardiovascular disease. However, dietary fat is appealing to human tastes and also provides texture to certain foods. Removing … Continue reading

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The SGLT1 Cotransporter and Gastric Emptying

Gastric emptying may be an important determinant of the glycaemic effect of food. Because lower a glycaemic load is associated with protection from weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, nutritional factors that can inhibit or delay gastric emptying are of … Continue reading

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