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Is Low Brain Histamine Linked to Anxiety?

L-histidine is a non-essential amino acid in human nutrition. Histidine is converted to histamine via the action of histidine carboxylase, which is expressed in many tissues including the central nervous system. Histamine is released from cells as part of the … Continue reading

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Taking The Sting Out of Nettle

When most people think of nettles they think of stinging nettles and the rashes that can develop from contact with the leaves. However, the genus Urtica encompasses a large number of plant species that grow across North America and Europe. … Continue reading

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Vitamin C and Histamine

Humans do not possess the enzyme gulonolactone oxidase necessary to make vitamin  C (ascorbic acid) from glucose. Ascorbic acid is therefore a vitamin and it is essential as part of our diets. Citrus fruits are the most common ascorbic acid … Continue reading

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