Boiling Versus Roasting Vegetables

Vegetables are an important source of nutrients and regular consumption of vegetables has been shown to be beneficial to the health. Most vegetables require some form of cooking, as although many vegetables can be eaten raw, their taste and texture improves with cooking. Boiling vegetables is perhaps the most common way to cook vegetables and in general there is nothing wrong with boiling vegetables to cook them. However, care must be taken not to over cook them, and it must be anticipated that some of the nutrients within the vegetables will be lost to the water. A way round this is to roast vegetables in the oven. Roasting holds the advantage that the vegetables will retain their nutrients within and therefore the nutritional content may be improved. Also it is possible to regulate cooking time with roasting and by cooking for longer, on a lower heat, nutrients within the vegetables may be protected from degradation. Adding a small amount of fat to the vegetables may also improve nutrient bioavailability. 

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Robert Barrington is a writer, nutritionist, lecturer and philosopher.
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