Blood Sugar Control with Legumes

Poor blood sugar control is a source of ill health to many individuals. In its most serious form poor blood sugar control can lead to diabetic complications, coma and death. However, for most people, poor blood sugar control is not so serious, but instead is a chronic condition that leads to long term minor health problems. Genetics explains done of the differences individuals experience with regard blood sugar control. However, diet can be considered the major defining factor. Legumes are a great way to stabilise blood sugar because they are digested slowly and so the carbohydrate they contain permeates slowly into the blood. Studies show that long term consumption of legumes causes significant weight loss effects, one of the greatest benefits from stabilising blood sugar. Mental and cognitive function can also improve as poor blood sugar significantly disrupts the function of the brain. Consuming legumes regularly therefore pay dividend s and is perhaps one of the most effective dietary improvements that can be made.

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Legumes refers to leguminous plants, such as bean and pea plants. Pulses are the seeds from such plants. Both beans and peas share common health effects and can both stabilise blood sugar.

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