Arnica montana as an Anxiolytic

Arnica is a group of plants that belong to the Asteraceae family of flowering plants. Arnica montana, one plant in this group has been researched for its anti-inflammatory effects. In this regard Arnica montana has been evidenced to be effective at inhibiting a number of inflammatory pathways, confirming its traditional use as an anti-inflammatory herb. Anxiety is a mood disorder that centres around the development of inflammation in the brain tissue. As a result it might be expected that Arnica montana is useful in the treatment of anxiety. In one study, researchers investigated the effects of Arnica montana at a dose of 100 mg per kg in rats. The rats were administered arnica and then exposed to experimental stress. The results of the study showed that the arnica was significantly effective at inhibiting anxious behaviour in the rats. The researcher compared arnica to the anxiolytic drug alprazolam, but found that it was not as effective. Arnica montana may therefore have significant mood elevating effects. 

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Jha, P., Bhalerao, S. and Dhole, M. 2018. Comparison of antianxiety action of Arnica montana and alprazolam for acute anxiety in wistar rats. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 7(2): 230-233

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