Are Green Tea Capsules Worth the Money?

Green tea has been shown to provide significant health benefits to those that consume it regularly. Green tea is the leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant, and to prepare it the leaves are picked and dried. Once dry they are placed in boiling water to create a drink. Some do not like the taste of green tea as it is better, and capsules are available that may provide the same health benefits. Nutritionally there is little difference between obtaining green tea from boiling water or capsules. However, it should be noted that capsules usually contain around 500 mg of tea per capsule. An average tea bag may contain 5 grams or more of tea. Therefore in order to obtain the equivalent amount of nutrients, the capsule consumer needs to take at least 10 capsules per bag of green tea. While this is certainly possible, it does highlight the benefits of green tea as a drink over the more limited capsule option. Therefore as with all things, you pay your money and take your choice, depending on your own personal circumstances. 

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