A Spoonful of Sugar: On the Sugar Content of Honey

Honey is a food with healing properties. This is paradoxical, because honey is nearly all sugar. The sugar content of honey varies depending on the bees that have produced it, but in general honey contains a mixture of sucrose, fructose and glucose. Sugars in high amounts are detrimental to health and can be a significant cause of inflammation and insulin resistance. However, honey has an anti-inflammatory effect and may be suitable during a weight loss diet. The paradox of why honey is beneficial to health is interesting and a number of explanations have been put forward to explain it. One possibility is the present of phytochemicals within the honey that are derived from the plant on which the bees gathered the nectar. This may be the same protective factor that explains why the sugars in fruit are not damaging to the health. The phytochemicals within honey can include a mixture of polyphenols which can confer significant antioxidant effects to the consumer, thus negating some of the negative effects of the sugar. 

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